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    1. Introduction

      • Due to rapid increase in development of Information Technology, there is an every growing gap between what is taught in the Universities and what is expected by students in Software Industry, primarily due to the fact the students are given skills that are not pertinent for them to get job due to which unemployment increases and on the other side Companies are looking for graduates with relevant skill set.
      • VU-Software House is setup to Bridge-Industry-Academia-Gap (BIAG) in which students from Computer Science Department are completing their Final Year Project under Industry Professionals. Final Year Project is managed professionally on the pattern similar to Software House, essential trainings / workshops by Industry Professionals are provided and continuous monitoring of work on weekly basis are core principles. Final Year Project progress is measured continuously with tangible deadlines in which students are working towards developing Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Students who have completed Final Year Project in VU-Software House have been successfully getting Job even before the graduation.
    2. Success Stories

      Since its inception in 2014 around 88% students have successfully got Job offer who have completed their Final Year Project in VU-Software House and this is very big achievement. Main reason of this success is that students are trained on Skills which are in demand, theoretical concepts with major focus on practical aspect is key ingredient of this milestone.

      Following is list of companies where Graduates of VU-Software House are working:

      1. Name: Zeeshan Safdar
        Year of Graduation: 2018
        Company: Global Software Consultants
        Designation: Software Engineer

        Before joining Virtual University - Software house, i was only familiar with css/html and had no experience on working on projects and lack confidence. After joining Virtual University - Software house I have great learning experience. All the teachers were very good and exceptionally cooperative && Professional. They work hard and ask us to do so. I have learned how to deal with pressure specially how to meet deadlines. We have series of Workshops in sequence, first of all work on Problem Solving and Logic building followed by Workshops on Requirement Engineering / Software Design and ASP.Net. In Parallel we have sessions on Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, MVC and these sessions help us to make our foundation strong. We have to go-through immense pressure with weekly monitoring of work and I believe this was turning point for me. It helps me to get job right after internship at there. I think every University should have a setup like this so that students should not only read theory but also learn how to implement it.

      2. Name: Tauqeer Chaudhry
        Year of Graduation: 2018
        Company: TheSeoTeam
        Designation: Software Engineer

        Alhamdulillah, Virtual University – Software House helped me a lot in gaining new skills, improving self-confidence & handling pressure. The environment and the mentors around were awesome. Things that i have learnt there are helping me a lot today and I am very much happy about. Skillset which I have gained there help me in landing in my job even before my graduation because we worked on latest in-demand skills with focus on implementation rather than theory only. Different Workshops / Sessions / Weekly Sprint-Reviews have enabled me to cope with challenges / pressure which I am facing in Professional life. I highly recommend this place for other students and I suggest that every University should have Professionals setup managed by Industry Professionals.

      3. Name: Muhammad Ahmad
        Year of Graduation: 2017
        Company: Gray Math Technology
        Designation: Team Lead

        I am Muhammad Ahmad. I was the student of BSCS (Hons) in VU-Software for the session 2013-2017. The best part of all these 4 years is the year spent in VU-Software house. On the day of interview for VU-Software House I was very tense as I didn't know much about programming. I got selected and that was the day when my life completely changed as I learned latest technologies which are much needed in Industry. The life at VU-Software was very challenging but with the guidance of team leads and the mentor Sir Sheraz I continued to learn throughout the year. Though we had immense pressure of work but it proved to very helpful in professional career. To conclude I can say that without VU software house I might not have secured a job, At least not so quickly after graduation. When I gave my first Job Interview in a software house, the interviewer was shocked about the knowledge I had at such beginner level. I was immediately selected for job. Currently I am working as a Software Engineer in Gray math Technology Co. Because of my familiarity with modern technologies Management has promoted me to Team Lead duties despite the fact that I have only one hand half year experience.

  • VUTV
    1. Introduction

      Virtual University is the only University of the country that has its own television station equipped with the latest state-of-the-art production, postproduction and broadcast facilities. Fully equipped with animations graphics and other related department's VU Television Network (VUTV) has its own 4 free to air broadcast television channels also. These channels have been serving the nation and its people in other parts of the world by providing free access to quality educational contents round-the-clock.

      Virtual University of Pakistan, from the last 15 years has been developing the requisite experiential, intellectual and technical resources and competency in educational video production, especially addressing the needs of Pakistani stakeholders.

    2. VUTV Highlights

      • (VUTV) has its own 4 free to air broadcast television channels
      • Over the years VUTV has developed more than 9000 hours of professional high-quality video lectures pertaining to a wide range of subjects.
      • VUTV has produced many programs and videos related to
        • Public service announcements
        • Teaching of different soft skills
        • Public awareness campaigns
        • Languages and many others that no other institution of the country has done before.
      • Latest pedagogical practices and global learning trends
      • VUTV provide its services to other organizations
        • Video Production
        • Content Development
        • Voiceover and dubbing of video contents
  • We Care

    In addition to production of audio/video contents for academic programs, VU Television also produces videos that pertain to educating the masses on various social and healthcare issues. "We Care" is a public awareness campaign showcasing short videos produced to provide information and educate the public on different topics such as Traffic Rules Awareness, Life Saving Measures in Emergencies and many more. These along with programs on foreign languages, student thesis projects and university information are broadcast to tap a large spectrum of audiences.