Research Groups

  • Department of Management Science

    1. Accounting & Finance Research Group -AFRG

      Department of Management Science, Virtual University of Pakistan has launched a research focused initiative in order to promote research activities with the name of “AFRG”. The group consists of all the faculty members from the discipline of Accounting, Commerce, Banking and Finance.

      The aim of this initiative is to provide a platform to faculty members for exploring and generating latest knowledge in the domains of accounting, commerce, banking and finance. The group will focus on research-based activities by holding presentation sessions fortnightly. It will strengthen the faculty by inculcating research culture among them and also by refining their presentation skills.


      1. To provide the opportunity to the members for exploration and generation of new knowledge in their relevant domain
      2. To provide the opportunity for the group members to share knowledge about latest researches in the domains of AFRG
      3. To inculcate a spirit of scholarly discussions on finance/commerce/accounting /banking related issues and academic topics for the purpose of knowledge sharing and ultimately for knowledge creation

    2. Marketing, Research & Case Group (MRCG)

      Marketing research and case group (MRCG) is established to recognize, focus, develop and promote the research activity in our identified research strengths whilst serving as a mechanism to attract and retain high performing researchers and research teams in areas of marketing.

      The Marketing Research and Case Group (MRCG) mission to pursue excellence in creating new knowledge demands that we have a dedicated effort towards diversified research portfolio. The whole research group will be responsible for driving the research agenda, planning for growth, mentoring each other, and promoting quality outputs for ensuring the MRCG operations comply with all relevant Virtual University policies and procedures.


      1. To promote meaningful research at department of marketing by vitalizing research culture, linking with teaching and research activities, and introducing incentives that are conducive to effective utilization of the available competencies and capabilities.
      2. To strengthen the staff and upgrade of facilities at department of marketing for MRCG to become the university’s focal point for identifying, prioritizing and coordinating research.
      3. To strengthen the technical base for research through technical support, training, and socializing at marketing research and case group (MRCG).
      4. To established links with industry and other sectors for cooperation in handling research needs and provision of funding for research.
      5. To develop academic case study writing skills that will give users an opportunity to see how the theoretical guidelines apply in the context of an actual scenarios.
      6. To focus on academic case studies to see the issues of mentoring, authorship and technical training.
      7. To promote collaborative research and create a vibrant research culture for MS students and faculty as well.

    3. Training, Research, Education & Development (TREND)

      TREND is determined to enhance the research and professional skills through experiential learning and training for academic brilliance and innovation that aims towards building leadership.


      1. To develop and enhance the research capabilities for promoting research culture among faculty members.
      2. To generate debates and discussion on contemporary issues and trends in multiple disciplines
      3. To share new technologies in education and pedagogy
      4. To facilitate the process of experiential learning for academic and professional development
      5. To arrange presentations, workshops, seminars and conferences for professional development and leadership skills
      6. To use this forum in a solution oriented manner to discuss and suggest remedies for different academic, social and professional issues
      7. To enhance the leadership skills among faculty members.

    4. Knowledge Creator

      Knowledge Co-Creators Under the umbrella of TREND; has been formally launched for our team members to explore and exploit the learning capabilities. Purpose of this group is to provide a platform to the members for coordinating with each other, polishing the skills and co-create knowledge with an intention to finally generate new knowledge in the shape of research papers.


      1. The main focus of this group is to develop a culture of knowledge sharing regarding emerging trends in management, new research techniques and models etc. This will not make our knowledge up-to-date only but also contribute in enhancing our intellect and analytical skills being as an academician. This forum is also aiming to motivate the group members to generate ideas to produce research papers which are very necessary being as an academician along with performing our teaching profession.
      2. This forum is supposed to create the learning environment which will be helpful for all member to discuss their research ideas freely. Group members will help each other in resolving the impediments/issues if they are facing during the any stage of writing a research paper according to their expertise.

  • Department of Psychology

    1. Psychtheos

      Psychtheos is an effort initiated by the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (Psychology Team) to create an awareness regarding different psychological issues prevailing in our society. In this regard, we are initiating this series of sessions with a documentary entitled “Human”. “Human” is a collection of stories and images of our world, offering an immersion to the core of what it means to be a human. Through these stories which are full of love and happiness, as well as hatred and violence, “Human” brings us face to face with our ‘others’, making us ponder on our lives. Based on the stories of everyday experiences and accounts of life, the documentary highlights the most unbelievable poignant encounters with ourselves and our ‘others’ making us reflect who we are and explore our darker side, what is noble in us, and above all our shared universal traits.

      “Human”opens up a dialogic debate – an invitation to reflect on the meaning we give to life, our choices, and our deepest beliefs.

  • Department of English

    1. Book Bang

      It is rightly said that “After reading a book, you become someone else: Now you are not you, but you plus the book!”

      Our constant ‘human to machine’ interaction at workplace makes us slip into a stagnant routine. To realign our vision and spark our imagination, we all need some intellectual stimulation. The habit of book reading and intellectual discussions give us new perspectives on life and lead us to open new vistas of exploration. To look for such an inspiration, the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (English Team), Virtual University of Pakistan started a series of Book Discussion - once in every month - under the title Book Bang at LRO.